Warranty and Disclaimer

It is the goal of PTP TACTICAL that every suppressor manufactured is free of defects in materials and/or workmanship, and that each part meets strict manufacturing specifications.  Repairs will be made free of charge on any suppressor manufactured by PTP TACTICAL as long as damage is covered by the LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Warranty covers repairs, services, and / or replacement of (NON-SERIALZED) parts damaged due to manufacturers workmanship.  All repairs will be completed at the discretion of PTP TACTICAL upon receipt and inspection of returned item. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY does not cover negligence, misuse, careless or improper mounting/installation, ordinary wear and tear, the failure to follow manufacturer instructions and/or the use of inappropriate or defective ammunition.  Repairs will not be covered by warranty if baffle strike damage occurs and determination concludes that the cause was NOT due to a defect in workmanship. Negligent or abusive use is defined as utilizing the suppressor in a way that results in premature wear or damage to the suppressor or the host firearm.  The purchaser/owner of the suppressor is liable for the costs of repairs NOT covered by the LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Upon receipt of the returned item, a thorough examination will be conducted at which time a determination will be made as to whether the part is repairable. If repairs are required due to a defect in manufacturing or materials, there will be no charge for repairs; otherwise, a PTP TACTICAL representative will contact the purchaser with a quote for the total cost of repairs, (includes labor, material and return shipping charges). This warranty is subject to all applicable laws some of which may limit these terms. If the suppressor is damaged or needs to be returned to PTP TACTICAL for repair or modification, call 270-247-7878.  A representative will provide appropriate return shipping address and instructions on how to return the product (all suppressors to be returned through USPS shipping, include copy of ATF Form 5, and detailed description of the events leading up to the damage/issue, including ammunition and weapons used with the product). NOTE: Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) prohibits transferring serial number to new outer tube in case of damage to tube. Tube damage rendering the suppressor unsafe to use will require the purchase of a new suppressor.  If a returned suppressor is inspected and determined to have a damaged tube, the suppressor will be returned to the owner unrepaired. DISCLAIMER: Be certain that you have read and understand all information included with your PTP TACTICAL suppressor before attachment and/or use of the product.  Please use extreme care and caution when handling any firearm and suppressor.  Failure to follow provided instructions may result in serious injury or property damage.  Under no circumstances will PTP TACTICAL be held liable for personal injury, property damage, or any type of loss.  PTP TACTICAL is released from liability for any incidental or consequential damages. WARNING: DO NOT INSTALL OR REMOVE SUPPRESSO ON/FROM A LOADED WEAPON OR HANDLE WHILE IT IS HOT.  ONLY USE SUGGESTED COMPATIBLE AMMUNITION.